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Cosplay Sale ~Masterpost~

Rather than spam communities with the same thing over and over again, I'll just be directing you here!

I've got a few things I'd like to get rid of, I just will not be using them anymore.

I am only accepting PAYPAL for my items.

First up is my Barnaby Brooks Jr cosplay:

This includes the Wig, the Jacket and the Glasses. Nothing else.
I obtained this costume from eBay shop Cosmonde and it’s of excellent quality. I’ve only worn this to Fanime ‘12 to debut it and casually at Fanime ‘13. It has since been stored away.
The jacket is CosMonde’s size Small. I am typically a Medium with a small bust, so this jacket is a bit snug. I would not recommend this for anyone above a strict Medium. $80 Shipped (US ONLY) OBO
The wig is also from CosMonde, very thick and soft. It’s an excellent replication from them. $30
The glasses I obtained from eBay user rpo58, they are not perscription, they’re see-through plastic/acrylic.$20
If interested in the entire outfit, I’ll accept $115 Shipped, IF you’re in the US.
I sunk in around $200+ for the entire outfit, so I'm really just looking to make half of that, if at ALL possible.

International shipping will likely cost more and I’d like to assure this arrives safely for any international party interested.

I also have some leftover merch from this old sales post up for grabs. If anyone wants some lovely Hoshino Lily doujins of their very own, I'm your girl!

I've also got some wigs I will no longer be using such as:

Vocaloid Gumi: $20
Originally used for a Pokemon cosplay that really didn't pan out. It's very soft and doesn't shed easily like most eBay wigs.
I honestly do not remember the seller of the wig, but just to be on the safe side, I would not use heat tools on it?

Silver/Grey Boycut: $15
I bought this off of LJ some years ago, and I never ended up using it at all.
The wig was cut and styled by the previous owner, but washed before it was sent to me.

This has NEVER been worn by myself and has sat in storage since it arrived.
It's silver/grey, and would be ideal for anyone looking to pull off a Prussia cosplay or even Dave Strider.

Long Brown Wavy Wig: $10
This was also purchased from LJ a while ago, but this was a serious case of false advertisement.
This was a daily use wig from its previous owner and its use wasn't really seen until they sent it to me.
It's quite shiny and could use some TLC. This wig was never worn by me.

It leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I really just want to be rid of this one.

Epic Cosplay Natural Blonde 'Straight Blonde' Experimental Cut: $10
This was one of my first wigs from when I was feeling ambitious to cut and style my own.
As you can see... my skills were pretty... misplaced.
I honestly cut it up pretty badly and was too embarrassed to wear it out because of it.

This can be salvaged for other uses!

Homestuck Nepeta Horns: $15

Purchased YEARS ago at Fanime by the official, Andrew Hussie-endorsed, maker for these troll horns.
As far as I know, they're no longer producing horns, and I'm selling these for much less than I paid for them.
The wig is NOT for sale. The wig is NOT for sale.

It's just for the horns, glued to a black headband. Never really did the Homestuck cosplay thing happen.

If you'd like to buy any of this, feel free to send me a PM or E-Mail me: naturalharmoniagropius[AT]gmail.com

tumblr asks are HIGHLY discouraged!

Writer's Block: Starstruck

Let's see...

I've met... All of Dir en grey, but with individuals I've met Die and Kaoru twice. I got a picture with the entire band the last time I went to a show and that was actually pretty awesome.

I met some of the dudes from this local psychobilly band that's actually kind of big now?

When I was a wee loli, I met Jesse McCartney and some shit boyband he used to be in, I couldn't fantard harder-- wait no.

Yes I can.
When I met Patrick Wolf this year after waiting 5 years with my friends to go to one of his shows. It was freezing fucking cold and I had a plan:

Wait for him to come out and hand him my page of crudely drawn giraffes that I doodled during the show while I wasn't recording audio and get a special gifty for my Boo.
When it finally got to that point though, I was shaking and blathering like 'oh my god you are so amazing im so happy i finally got to hear you play live, you were so awesome!!'

Though, we were all kind of bad to different degrees, my friend Brody was so adorable when he got to see him. He was pretty much acting like a teenage girl over it, and while normally I would pick fun at him for it, it was simply too endearing.

We all came together and literally skipped off while holding hands after we all got our photos taken.

It was extremely gay.
But we were so happy that we finally got to see someone we waited so long for.

Have you ever met anyone famous?